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Automated Online Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment

Automated Online Preliminary
UXO Risk Assessment

Why use BombRisk?
The automated online preliminary UXO Risk Assessment is the first cost effective UXO report that will be provided instantly to the client via email.

The PDF report provides a detailed screening of potential sources of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) with an assessment of risk and recommendations.


  • A list of UXO sources which may affect the site.
  • Accurate bomb density map based upon the boundary data
    from Ordnance Survey Maps 1931-1944.
  • Press articles regarding nearby UXO finds that can be
    downloaded from a link within the report.
  • Locations where BACTEC has conducted previous onsite
    works or Desk Top Threat Assessments.

Accurate! Fast! Effective!

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