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UXO Site Investigation, Disposal, Certification

AGS Non-intrusive UXO surveying UK Intrusive UXO surveying Taiwan

Once BACTEC has completed an Unexploded Ordnance - UXO survey, intrusive or non-intrusive surveys, the data is processed and analysed. Any objects identified by the survey that fall within the mass and dimension range of explosive ordnance, that may be present on site, are designated as targets requiring follow up action. The criteria will be determined in consultation with the client and the intended end use of the site.

BACTEC will deploy an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team to access and expose the target, enabling a positive identification to be made.

The method of accessing the target will be determined by the location, depth and nature of the suspect object(s) as well as the ground conditions, but may include:

  • Open cast excavations (where possible)
  • Vertical and horizontal shafting
  • Other specialist temporary works

If a target is identified as ordnance by the EOD site manager, an on-site threat/risk assessment will be completed. The object will be classified according to its potential hazard and disposed of by the appropriate method. The disposal will be conducted either by BACTEC or under the auspices of the relevant local authorities.

A clearance certificate and factual report will be issued, detailing the results of the survey, subsequent investigation, UXO clearance and disposal activity.

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