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Cone Penetration Testing

CPT Fleet - Cone Penetration Test for deep buried UXO detection
BACTEC geotechnical drilling operation - CPT Testing for UXO detection
Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT)

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) determines sub-surface stratigraphy and characterises the materials present; it provides geotechnical parameters and data for direct geotechnical engineering and design.

CPT uses a cylindrical cone, pushed vertically from a rig into the ground at a constant rate of 20mm per second. During penetration, measurements are made of the cone resistance, the skin's friction against the cylindrical shaft and, in Piezocone test, the pore water pressure generated at penetration by the cone.

BACTEC has been conducting Magnetometry Surveys for potential deep buried UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) for over 10 years, and is now combining this capability with its CPT technology to offer a dual sensor capability mounted in a single cone.

BACTEC operate a fleet of CPT vehicles to carry out the cone penetration testing in the most demanding environments; the vehicles range from a combination tracked and wheeled vehicle to compact vehicles for restricted access.

Cone Penetration Testing - CPT Testing for UXO Detection

BACTEC offer as standard:

  • Cone and Sleeve Friction Testing
  • Piezocone Testing
  • Dual CPT and UXB Surveys
  • Other specialist Cone Penetration Testing
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