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Geophysical Survey

EM61 - Geophysical Surveys from BACTEC
Non-Intrusive survey - Geophysical and UXO Surveys from BACTEC
Environmental Contamination

UXO Clearance surveys are quite often associated with other environmental contamination issues. BACTEC supports environmental consultants with geophysical survey technology for the location of buried contaminants, including:

  • Location position and depth of buried waste sites
  • Location of leachate contamination in groundwater
  • Position geological structures that are associated with the flow of contamination
  • Delineation of uncontaminated areas, thus reducing sampling in that area
Mineral Exploration

BACTEC has supported mineral exploration in numerous countries over many years. Vast amounts of the world's mineral resources are unfortunately located in conflict and post-conflict areas and after the clearing of any hazardous material BACTEC are able to provide a follow up service to assist in the determination of these mineral resources.

Mineral exploration can also be conducted concurrently with the UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) clearance ( task. Geophysical survey tools have been used extensively for mineral exploration.

GIS Services

BACTEC provides GIS services to compile information provided from internal and external sources. BACTEC uses DGPS and GPS for the positioning of areas searched and the position of any UXO located. This information is input into the GIS system on a regular basis and is combined with other topographical and cultural information for the client's applications.

The BACTEC UXO GIS Database includes, but is not limited to:

  • Topographic and geographical information for the task area
  • Previous site contamination including bombing data (where applicable)
  • Existing information relating to areas undertaking UXO clearance
  • The positioning of any known UXO located in the area (if available)

The GIS information forms a part of the UXO risk assessment process for a proposed operational area and allows an area to be classified as low, medium or high risk.

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