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Geotechnical Drilling Services

BACTEC geotechnical drilling rig
BACTEC geotechnical drilling rig

BACTEC International Limited offer Geotechnical Engineering Services which are flexible and designed to meet the client's individual needs. BACTEC provides cost-effective, reliable quality driven solutions for geotechnical drilling services.

BACTEC's range of Geotechnical Drilling Services includes:

  • Coring
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Down The Hole Hammer
  • Auguring Open Flight and Hollow Stem
  • Rotary Open
  • Simultaneous Casing Installations
  • Inclinometer Installation Drilling

All BACTEC’s geotechnical drilling staff are suitably qualified and experienced; as a minimum, staff are NVQ2 level and CSCS qualified:

  • As a minimum, staff are NVQ2 level qualified and, or CSCS qualified
  • Lead drillers all have a minimum of twenty years experience
Geotechnical Drilling Services for the detection of Unexploded Ordnance

BACTEC own and operate the latest Berretta drilling rigs including the T41 and T44; these will operate as self-contained units for site investigation and or construction projects.

BACTEC also employs a number of technologies for other applications including:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for the interrogation of suspect targets, to gain a more precise size shape and depth of an object
  • Ground Conductivity Meter for the delineation of waste dumps, man-made or natural features
  • Time Domain EM techniques for mineral exploration and groundwater investigation
  • Seismic Reflection and Refraction for engineering and shallow exploration
  • IP and Resistivity for Mineral Exploration

    BACTEC's Geophysicists have experience on the full range of geotechnical and geophysical engineering techniques.

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