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Marine UXO Services

Diver survey - Marine UXO Services
Diving Preparation - Underwater/Marine Risk Assessments and Marine Surveys

Marine UXO Services and Underwater Explosive Ordnance Surveys

Many areas of the world's marine environment have been contaminated by unexploded ordnance (UXO) as a result of years of conflict, military use and sea dumping, leaving behind a legacy of UXO including Land Service Ammunition (LSA), through to bombs and sea mines.

BACTEC has developed specific underwater/marine ordnance clearance services for ports, docks and harbour developments, offshore and near shore structures and bridge abutments.

Projects which may require Marine Services include windfarms, sub sea cables, pipe laying projects, oil, gas and mineral exploration and capital dredging projects.

BACTEC's Marine Services include the following:

  • Multi Sensor Marine Survey
  • Single Sensor Marine Survey
  • ROV Marine Survey
  • Target Investigation
    • Diver Investigation
    • Mechanical Investigation

Unexploded Ordnance Services for Renewable Energy Installations in the Marine Environment

BACTEC has developed specific marine ordnance clearance services for various offshore and near-shore renewable energy projects; using world leading technology, for cost effective UXO risk mitigation solutions.

Designated marine Renewable Energy sites could be at risk from the effects of UXO from WWII military action or from other international conflicts. 

BACTEC recently consulted and provided technical information to the following French Government Departments in support of UXO Surveys within the marine environment;

  • GESMA (Groupe d'études sous-marines de l'Atlantique)
  • PREMAR (Le Prefet Maritime)
  • SHOM (Service Hydrographique et Oceanographique de la Marine)

The technical information provided, included technical trial reports for the detection of BM1000’s using magnetometry, studies and surrogate target provision for trials and analysis.

 The successful results of these studies are now incorporated into other BACTEC led marine surveys for the renewables industry; they have become a standard survey practice in mitigating the potential risks of UXO to renewable energy installations, within the marine environment.

For further information please contact Chas Reid
Tel: +44 (0) 1322 284 550

Unexploded Ordnance Services for Renewable Energy in Marine Environments

Marine Survey - Magnetometer Surveys


Marine Ordnance Detection - Marine Magnometer Survey
Magnometer Survey - BACTEC has a team of specialist marine surveyors
  • Computerised underwater/marine survey
  • Very high resolution (0,01nT)
  • Usage of caesium vapour total field magnetometers
  • Fixed frame construction
  • Extremely high flexibility and mobility
  • Very high data density 20 records/m2
  • Positioning accuracy of 0.5m
  • Real time control of survey data
  • Real time navigation display
  • Survey in water depth from 1m to 30m
  • Capability of surveys in areas with strong underwater currents
  • Very high productivity (up to 20ha/day)
  • Very high UXO detection capabilities
  • High data quality, low signal to noise ratio

System Specifications

Vessel & Sensor Array
  • Vessel approximately 12m in length, with a strong stern
  • Constant sensor distance to the sea-bed (0.5-1.5m)
  • Variable sensor configuration
  • Array width 6m, survey width 8m
  • Flexible construction means that the array can traverse slopes and underwater obstacles
  • Positioning accuracy of 0.5m underwater
  • Real time kinematic recording of position
  • Real time navigation display
  • Real time track plot control
  • Known sensor position guaranteed by the fixed frame construction
  • Angle sensor and digital compass recording
Data Acquisition
  • Multi-channel recording system up to 8 sensors using AGS MK II technology
  • High frequency filtering
  • Sensitivity 0.01nT
  • Sampling rates up to 200 samples/s
  • Real time data control
Processing / Interpretation
  • Real time data display using AGSdat software
  • Onsite interpretation using AGSProc software
  • Colour image display
  • Gridding and data processing
  • Isoplot generation
  • 3D colour display
  • Anomaly tables (in Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Map generation with interpretation overlays (any coordinate system)
  • Object modelling (mass, volume, magnetic moment, etc)
  • GIS compatible
  • CAD compatible
Optional Sensors
  • Side Scan Sonar (simultaneous)
  • Sub Bottom Profiler (simultaneous)
  • Electro-magnetic marine Survey

Data Example - Colour Image Display

Marine Magnometer Survey Diagram - Offshore Surveys Example of a false colour image from a survey in a UXO contaminated environment


UXO survey in areas of water such as:

  • Sites with strong underwater currents
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Channels
  • Harbours
  • Coastal / tidal regions

Archaeological prospection in water

Location of metallic targets on the seabed

  • Pipelines
  • Anchors
  • Wrecks
  • Armoured foundations, artefacts
  • Cables

Marine Survey System Deployment and Operation

Marine Survey System Deployment and Operation
  1. Caesium vapour sensors are positioned 0.5m to 1.5m above the sea-bed. An array of four to eight sensors (including one differential sensor) with 1m sensor spacing are mounted on a 6m wide cross boom.
  2. Integrated Altimeter.
  3. Deep-water aluminium frame. Comprises a fixed frame construction of up to 30m length and 6m width. The system can be flown below the waterline with height being regulated with an aqua-wing.
  4. During the survey, the dual arm flexible connection system to the vessel allows the frame to move on the vertical axis only.
  5. Positioning and roll-pitch-heave sensors recording delivers highly accurate positioning. Since the geometry of the whole array is measured very accurately in every direction, the position of each sensor is clearly defined.
  6. Real time data control is implemented by real time display of sensor line data and acoustic sensor signal. A sophisticated navigation display allows the import of AutoCAD survey area maps and the display of travelling line, travelling direction and surveyed area.
  7. Side-scan sonar combined with sub-bottom profiler provides sea floor topography and sub-bottom information.
Four sensor array - Marine Ordnance Detection and Disposal<br>
	Four sensor array Four sensor array

Typical Marine Services Vessel Specification: TOPLINE


  • Length 11m/ Beam 4.97/Draft 0.8m
  • Displacement 11 Tonnes
  • Engines: Twin 370hp
  • Cruising Speed 22kts
  • Top Speed 28Kts
  • Bow System For Wind farms
  • Accommodation For 6 Crew
  • 2 x Toilets/ Showers
  • Mess Room/Galley
Topline - Marine Surveyors

Navigation Equipment

  • Radar
  • Chart Plotter
  • 3 x VHF Radios
  • Autopilot
  • Depth Sounder
  • AIS Radar
  • 2 x GPS / 1 x DGPS


  • Cat 2
  • 12 Passengers Plus 2 Crew
Topline Lowestoft - Marine Ordnance Services

> Technical Specification Sheet: Marine Magnetometer Survey [PDF, 1,241KB]

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