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BACTEC deploy again to the Baltic for the Nord Stream Project

Nord Stream AG awarded BACTEC International the contract on the 24th August 2009 for the munitions clearance operation in the Baltic, an essential operation to allow for the safe construction of the Nord Stream AG pipeline. The pipeline is a 1220 kilometre long off shore natural gas pipeline, to be constructed from Vyborg in Russia, through the Baltic Sea, to Greifswald in Germany and is to be fully operational by 2012.

BACTEC will take the lead in the munitions clearance operations; its specialist expertise and the unique process developed for the demolition of the sea mines will be employed throughout the project.

The concern for the environment has been a significant factor in the mine clearance operation. BACTEC International has developed in conjunction with the authorities an environmental and safety management plan that establishes monitoring and mitigation measures related to munitions clearance limiting the impact of this activity on the environment.

BACTEC's ongoing responsibility is to ensure that the identified sea mines of WWI and WWII, located on the sea bed on the pipeline alignment are disposed of safely minimising the impact on the environment throughout the process of clearance.
BACTEC's second deployment to the Baltic will be towards the end of March 2010. The first deployment of BACTEC personnel was in November 2009; a successful operation despite the difficult and harsh weather conditions.

BACTEC's environmental knowledge and safety management plan, including the provision of trained mammal observers to the project, underpins its responsibility to the environment and to the project. If during the clearing process and the use of explosives, marine life (mammals, fish, birds) is sighted the activity will be delayed to ensure both the safety and protection of the animals.
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