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UXO Desk Top Threat and Risk Assessment

St Pauls London in the Blitz
1000 kg German bomb WWII

BACTEC provides comprehensive reports on the potential risk posed by unexploded ordnance based upon the site location, extent, source and nature of potential UXO, the likelihood and consequence of encountering UXO related to the proposed use of the site. The report can be provided either in the standard BACTEC format or tailored to meet the client's specific requirements, such as IMAS, Ciria C681 (UK only) publication or to other specifications as required.

Typically a full report includes:

  • Conflict history of the site and surrounding area
  • Historical/archived material from the public domain
  • Local research including select interviews with local inhabitants where appropriate
  • Military history and records
  • Historical aerial photography/satellite imagery
  • Likely nature of contamination
  • Weapon characteristics and bomb penetration depth modelling
  • Recommended UXO risk mitigation measures
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