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EOD Site Support

BACTEC EOD on site support services for UXO risk EOD Site Support - UXO Risk Assessment and Support

Dependent upon the site conditions, the level of risk posed by unexploded ordnance (UXO) and the construction methodology, BACTEC offers the following on-site services:

Explosive Ordnance Safety and Awareness Briefings
  • Briefings are intended to make site operatives aware of the nature of ordnance they may encounter on a contaminated site and the simple procedures necessary to ensure everyone's safety
  • Each briefing is tailored to meet the needs of the client and the workforce and reflects the unique history and circumstances of each location
  • BACTEC can provide briefings to all personnel working on a site, either as part of the overall site safety induction training or as a separate stand-alone briefing
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Engineer On-Site Support

In areas where the risk posed by the potential presence of explosive ordnance is low or in areas where the ground is grossly contaminated (to the point where the use of detection equipment would be non-conclusive) BACTEC will provide EOD Engineers to monitor ground works and provide reactive support.

In the event of the discovery of a suspicious object during engineering works the presence of one or more of BACTEC's EOD Engineers (or in the appropriate circumstances, on-call) has proved repeatedly to be the optimum method of minimising the risk to on-site personnel and limiting downtime; providing rapid on-site response; investigating any suspicious objects encountered, and taking the appropriate action.

As part of the EOD support, BACTEC EOD Engineers will provide Safety and Awareness Briefings for all personnel working on the site, as required.

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