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BACTEC Intrusive Survey System

IIntrusive Survey - UXO Detection, EOD Specialists

BACTEC has developed the next generation of intrusive survey instrumentation for the situation where UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) may have penetrated to a depth beyond the detection capability of non-intrusive survey systems or the surface is grossly contaminated with ferrous objects limiting the effectiveness of a non-intrusive system.

BACTEC's BXP system has been developed to rapidly and accurately locate buried ferrous objects which could potentially be unexploded ordnance (UXO).

BACTEC's BXP system has the following features:

  • Flexible Application. The system can be introduced into the ground from a wide variety of platforms e.g. via a wheeled or tracked rig, jack up barge, rail or in special circumstances by pre-drilling and lining holes and lowering the instrument by hand.
  • Rapid and Cost effective Data Capture. The system employs a specially developed sensor, which is configured to survey a column of ground as it is vertically introduced. The system can quickly and effectively record the vertical depth of a magnetic anomaly, its horizontal distance from the probe and theoretical modelled mass.
  • Flexible Data Interpretation BACTEC's proprietary bespoke software system is specifically configured for deep UXO detection. Algorithms have been written which analyse the data and produce tailored outputs for clients allowing historically difficult sites to be surveyed by filtering out the ambient magnetic signature.

The intrusive survey technique can be used to provide specific clearance of geotechnical and geo-environmental boreholes, individual piles and pile groups or can be deployed in a matrix pattern for general area clearance.

If the client has a requirement for both geo technical information as well as clearance for deep buried ordnance, BACTEC can deploy its combined magnetometer and CPT (Cone Penetration Test) cone to provide these two data sets as a single operation.

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Intrusive Survey - Step 1 Image Intrusive Survey - Step 2 Image

Stage 1
The flexible application of the BXP intrusive survey system allows for rapid deployment in a wide variety of applications worldwide.

Stage 2
The unique data interpretation and filtering system enables this intrusive survey to be completed safely, accurately and cost effectively.

Upon discovery of any suspected UXO, BACTEC’s specialist EOD team can be on hand to carry out a full UXO risk assessment and professionally dispose of the ordnance in the safest possible way.

BACTEC also offer non-intrusive surveys for UXO detection, visit our non-intrusive surveys page to find out more.

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