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Marine Survey

Marine Survey - BACTEC's marine surveyors are fully equipped to detect UXO in a marine environment

Explosive Ordnance detection (EOD) in the underwater marine environment presents many challenges. BACTEC meets these challenges head on with a range of equipment, technologies and specialist marine survey techniques.

Marine Multi-Sensor Explosive Ordnance Surveys

  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Sub-bottom Profiling Systems
  • Pulse Induction Metal Detectors
  • Magnetometer Based Survey
  • Marine Intrusive Surveys
Vessel-Borne/Towed Multi-Sensor Arrays

BACTEC can provide marine explosive ordnance surveys using a vessel-borne/towed multi-sensor array to locate metal anomalies. BACTEC carry out multi-sensor marine surveys using side scan sonar, sub-bottom profilers, induction instruments and magnetometers which are linked to DGPS for accurate target positioning and including depth reading capability. The marine survey results are analysed and presented as an anomaly map and target list to enable avoidance or investigation by BACTEC's EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) divers. All anomalies are investigated and dealt with in accordance with BACTEC's project specific SOPs.

BXP Intrusive Survey from a Jack-up Barge

For some offshore survey projects, the likely depth of munitions or the depth of clearance required by the client will be greater than the detection that can be achieved by a non-intrusive system, in which case, BACTEC will carry out an intrusive survey from a suitable platform. In such cases BACTEC is able to deploy its Intrusive Survey System from a Jack-up Barge to investigate to depths previously not achievable.

> Technical Specification Sheet: Marine Magnetometer Survey [PDF, 1,241KB]

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