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BACTEC Non-intrusive Survey Systems

Non intrusive survey, - BACTEC Unexploded Ordnance Detection

BACTEC deploys a variety of non-intrusive survey systems to achieve the required level of detection dependent upon the type and likely depth of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) contamination, ground conditions and the depth of clearance required. BACTEC employs magnetometry in both total field and gradiometer configurations, as well as EM61 Electro Magnetic Systems.

BACTEC's unique AGS-1 System extends the boundaries of the detection of buried ferrous objects and explosive ordnance contamination using non-intrusive survey techniques. Latest system developments also enable a high resolution of sub-surface data, which can be used to interpret underground conditions for the location of possible areas of archaeological interest or burial/disposal pits.

This non intrusive survey system may be configured for 1, 2, 4 or 8 sensors depending on the area to be surveyed and may be deployed on a number of different platforms quickly and efficiently either on land or for the purpose of an underwater/ marine survey worldwide:

  • An operator and assistant may carry the single, twin or quad sensor system
  • The system may be towed by a motorised vehicle
  • A light aircraft or hovercraft can also be used as the platform for larger open sites
Non-intrusive Survey - Step 1 Image Non-intrusive Survey - Step 2 Image

Stage 1
The flexible application of the AGS-1 non-intrusive system allows for rapid deployment worldwide.

Stage 2
The unique false-colour plan along with the target list provides data that facilitates user-friendly anomaly identification, which may require follow up action from our EOD teams.

BACTEC also offer intrusive surveys for UXO detection, visit our intrusive surveys page to find out more.

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