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Mine Action/ EOD Survey

Controlled Explosion - Mine Action and EOD Specialist BACTEC
Armoured excavator with flail - Landmine Clearance and EOD Company BACTEC
Level 1 - Impact Survey
  • Information gathering
  • Liaison with local authorities and population
  • Identification of 'at risk' areas
  • Prioritising follow up action
  • May include marking hazardous areas
  • IMSMA population
  • Liaison with local mine clearance assets
  • Information on any previous clearance carried out
Level 2 - Technical Survey

The Technical Survey is designed to obtain on-the-ground detailed information including the following to enable the preparation of an EOD or mine clearance plan:

  • Details of the suspect/hazardous area; typically the extent of the contamination, mine patterns, number of rows, density of mines, type(s) of mines AP/AT
  • Other hazards such as sub-munitions
  • Boundaries of hazardous areas
  • Restrictions and limitations, such as proximity to dwellings, roads and infrastructure
  • Details of the terrain, the vegetation and climate
Level 3 - Survey or Clearance

The aim of the survey and clearance operation is to remove the threat posed by mines and explosive ordnance from the suspect area, to facilitate its future use.

The clearance operation will involve one or a combination of the following assets:

  • Manual Clearance Teams (MCT)
  • Mine Detection Dog teams (MDD)
  • Mechanical Assets:
    • Armoured dozers for creating access and safe lanes
    • Armoured flail tractors for mine clearance, ground preparation and vegetation removal
    • Armoured excavators with flails/tillers, strimmers, tines and special sieve buckets
    • Remote controlled wheeled/tracked vehicles for mine clearance and ground/preparation
    • Hand held mechanical blowers and strimmers
  • Internal QA/QC Teams
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