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Training Skill Sets

Medical training Lebanon - Explosive ordnance disposal training
De-mining training Lebanon - Landmine clearance training courses
BACTEC Technical Staff

BACTEC provides training for both classified and sensitive projects, many of which are subject to independent scrutiny by the client, government and third parties from both the public and private sectors.

All BACTEC training courses, internationally delivered, have been developed using the most up to date techniques and procedures from worldwide key agencies and responders. BACTEC training packages are unique and are individually tailored to the client's requirements.

BACTEC has highly qualified and operationally experienced operators from around the world. The qualifications of all BACTEC training staff are internationally recognised, ex-Military and or Police EOD, Counter Terrorism Response (CTR), or Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) instructors with years of operational experience, both as instructors and as operators.

BACTEC's international operation enables staff to be resourced from around the world benefiting projects from a wide range of specialised skill sets.

BACTEC also has available specialists from other related fields including Geophysicists, GIS and Forensic Experts. BACTEC's Management System is registered to International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001:2008 (Lloyds LRQA). BACTEC prepares project specific SOPs.

As part of the Management system, BACTEC employs Project Managers that meet specific project needs, supported by Senior Management who is responsible for project timeframes, monitoring milestones and project costs/budgets.

BACTEC is able to provide a complete back-up service and support programme once the training has been completed and keep clients updated on any changes which may occur affecting a project.

BACTEC's professional reputation for providing quality products and services in the required timeframes, in budget and using the most suitable staff for the task, is recognised throughout the world.

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