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UXO Disposal

A complete solution for the
transportation and disposal of
UXO discovered on your site

Key Benefits


In the event of UXO detection, an on-site the mobile system can rapidly deploy to collect the item of UXO if safe to move.


There may be no need to license the site for UXO disposal.


No need to dispose of the UXO item on site by explosive means.


The chamber is fitted with a fragment shield so a wide range of UXO can be transported from small arms ammunition (i.e. bullets), through to 155mm projectiles (artillery shells).


The chamber is gas tight so that in the unlikely event of a detonation any gases created by the detonation will be contained and can be dealt with effectively by an off gas treatment process.

For sites that have a risk from UXO (unexploded ordnance), dealing with this problem can be problematic, particularly when an item is discovered on site that is live and requires disposal.

In most cases where the risk from UXO is a foreseeable risk, the contractor must make arrangements with a commercial EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Specialist for UXO Risk Mitigation on the project site for UXO Risk Assessment, UXO Survey, investigation, clearance and disposal. The challenge with providing the complete solution is that for UXO disposal with a Nett Explosive quantity (NEQ) of 7.5kg or less, each site requires licensing to carry out on site demolition once the safety criteria is met. This can take weeks to arrange, involving many stakeholders and may attract unwanted attention to the UXO risk on the site. Also if the UXO cannot be disposed of onsite then another solution is required.

Under current UK legislation UXO arisings, (legacy UXO not in its original packaging), cannot be transported on the public highway to a disposal facility without special dispensation from the HSE for each occurrence, this takes time.

UXO Disposal solution

BACTEC has developed a holistic UXO transportation and disposal solution which is approved for the safe transportation of UXO arisings that are live but safe to move with a 7.5kg NEQ or less. Here it can be transported on the public highway for disposal at a licensed facility without the need for individual approvals.

  • Gas tight explosive containment chamber - This chamber is used for the storage of the UXO during transit. In the unlikely event of a detonation all energy, fragmentation and gases will be contained within the chamber.
  • Mobility - The system is truck mounted with integrated UXO safety systems and procedures and is approved for transportation of UXO on the public highway.
  • UXO Disposal - Each item of UXO will be disposed at a licensed facility with a full audit trail.

BACTEC is a worldwide EOD company with over 25 years of experience and expertise in safe and effective detection and disposal of many forms of UXO on land and within a marine environment, available to discuss and manage your specific requirements.

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