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Marine UXO Dredging Support

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Where it is not possible to carry out proactive marine explosive ordnance surveys ahead of dredging operations, BACTEC is able to provide experienced Marine EOD Engineers On-board, On-shore or On-call to deal with any eventuality relating to explosive ordnance, bombs or other types of munitions.

Marine EOD and UXO Services for Dredging Operations

  • EO Threat Assessment
  • EO Safety & Awareness Briefings
  • On-Board & Onshore Dredging Support
  • On-Call and Rapid Response Support
  • Stand-by EOD Divers & Equipment
  • Ordnance Hazard Recognition
  • Ordnance Clearance and Disposal

Safe Storage of Recovered Marine Ordnance

Prior to dredging taking place suitable storage areas are prepared for the securing and segregation of different natures of ordnance and scrap on board the dredgers. Similar facilities will be prepared on the land if required. BACTEC's Standing Operating Procedures determine the quantity of UXO (based on its NEQ) explosives that can be safely held on-board before it is necessary to offload for final disposal.

UXO Dredging Around the Clock

Where 24 hour dredging operations are to be undertaken BACTEC will provide sufficient Marine Surveyors and EOD Engineers to allow shift work.

Minimise Downtime

To reduce downtime in the event of an ordnance find BACTEC will provide UXO Engineers on vessels to ensure immediate response to the discovery of suspicious objects or items of ordnance.

Emergency Response for the Marine Aggregate Industry

BACTEC also provide an Emergency Response Capability to react to the discovery of suspicious objects or items of ordnance in marine aggregate sites.

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